Hey guys ! I participate on a video clip contest. I would like to have your support to win it. That will take 2 min of your time, all you have to do is:

1- Follow the link (Most have a facebook account)
2- Click on *Like %uF04A
3- And of course enjoye my sexy hair !

Thanks a lot! You guys ROCK!

The link: p?v=248170049778&oid=84101973373 p?v=248170049778&oid=84101973373#/vide o/video.php?v=248170049778&oid=8410197 3373

I F/"!/ love longboard !!

2009-12-03 13:58:12 by BERSERKYD Aqx8


2009-03-12 09:29:01 by BERSERKYD

Well! I've submited my first song yesterday, and this is a good start from my point view... I wanna Rock this place. So I will push harder to make new great song. Because I feel unstoppable !

Berserkyd \m/