2015-02-16 09:31:51 by BERSERKYD

Its time to share the best fucking album on the planet. All Remastered; Beat The Boss, The Dark Templar Symphony, Ride Under The Storm, Revenge was my name, etc.. GO GET IT NOW !!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the support !!

New song for my upcoming Album !


NEW 12 tracks Album Right here !

2014-09-07 08:58:33 by BERSERKYD

First Album Achievement Unlock ! Click there and thanks for the awesome support guys !


1e Album on the way !!!

2014-03-16 12:58:08 by BERSERKYD

Hey guys ! Just so you know I started a digital album recently. This will be a premiere for me, I will probably sell it when its done (around 7$) on a different web site. I already got 5 kick ass new songs and I want to make probably 12. I'll probably release it mid summer. I'll make a preview and send a link on my blog.

So dont expect any new song on NG until that time. Sorry :S ! But I promise this album gonna be the best of me ! Stay tune ! Rock On \m/,

Support me, all news will be on the official BERSERKYD page:


Sexy Valentine Video !

2013-02-14 20:04:01 by BERSERKYD

Video For Sexy Valentine ! |m/,

New Video Clip From BERSERKYD

2012-12-24 14:56:56 by BERSERKYD

I did a video Clip for Among Deep Terror !!

Demo 2010 !!

2010-12-22 21:50:33 by BERSERKYD

Hey there's my 2010 animation Demo ! Enjoye !

/* */

Demo 2010

2010-12-22 21:43:02 by BERSERKYD

Hey there's my 2010 animation Demo ! Enjoye ! Jwkk

Happy happy !

2010-06-25 16:41:56 by BERSERKYD

Happy Happy joy joy


2010-05-20 10:01:15 by BERSERKYD

I got problem with my record software hope I'll fixe that soon, so I'll be able to continue creating stuff !

BTW thanks a lot for your support guys, I got sooo many songs in the top rank because of YOU and so many that been throw away because of others ZERO ASSHOLE.. but I dont care as long as YOU guys found my music entertaining I'll continue to ROCK HARD !