2010-05-20 10:01:15 by BERSERKYD

I got problem with my record software hope I'll fixe that soon, so I'll be able to continue creating stuff !

BTW thanks a lot for your support guys, I got sooo many songs in the top rank because of YOU and so many that been throw away because of others ZERO ASSHOLE.. but I dont care as long as YOU guys found my music entertaining I'll continue to ROCK HARD !



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2010-05-22 08:18:37

Dude, you Music are the BEST. Metal is da best!!!
I hope you can fix the problem with your software!!!
And I REALLY hope you are making more Music, All of them are the BEST!!!
Btw, What software are you using? THANKS FOR THE AWESOME MUSIC YOU ARE MAKING!!!!! ROCK ON!!!

BERSERKYD responds:

Thanks a lot Dude, I really appreciate that ! ;)

I use cakewalk SONAR 7, Guitar Rig 3, Addictive Drum !