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Hope you had fun making it because I had fun watching it ! ^^ Good job !

Very Cool animation my friend ! Now can you put my name in the descritpion Below !! Of course you will ! ^^ ! Thanks

oxob3000 responds:

Your song is linked right under my name to the right of this review section :) But sure if you want to be linked in the description aswell I can add your name there.

Good Job for a company ! If you look carefully a the end of the videos you'll see that more than 20 persons work on this. I'm not familiar with commercial stuff on NG ! Personnally I prefer individual stuff but this one is well made !

Toonbox responds:

It is not a TV-show. We make it with Flash technology. We wish to show it to the flash-comunity. Why not? )))

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But I just want to eat the meat !!!!! xD

Very fun game ! Remind me a mixe between Castlevania SOTN and megaman ! Good job !

Looks like a fun game, but The game crashed at the end of the first stage. The cool music was still playing though !

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I'm always in for Sweden Death Metal Rythme ! Well done :)

This song got a really nice drive ! Good mixe as well. Not much drum fill but its still working anyway. Good job !

Well done ! SEGA !

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Blanka Rulzzz !!!

Sick ! You should make one for each SF characters ! Cheer !


Great style, you got a Marvel BD touch in each work you've done! For this one I would put a fat stroke for the legs to make it look more present...

nel9784 responds:

lol wait for the colored version

Hey there ! Welcome to my NG page ! I'm a one guy band making instrumental song with some metal/punk fusion. I also got all my music on Spotify, Itune, googleplay, amazon and many more plateforms. Share and support me the way you want ! Thank you \m/,

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