Demo 2010 !!

2010-12-22 21:50:33 by BERSERKYD

Hey there's my 2010 animation Demo ! Enjoye !

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2011-01-09 04:04:31

Wow you are really good! I like the girl at the end. She looks badass!

BERSERKYD responds:

Hey thanks ! Yeah She's the bomb ! ;)


2011-01-23 10:00:29

Not bad at all... most the moves look fluid and natural. Have you ever considered modelling or making animation for games like warcraft3 or starcraft 2 ? Some people could use those skills in the animation area.

BERSERKYD responds:

Hey thanks Bud ! Actually I'm working at Ubisoft Montreal as a animator :) And I did a bunch of animations for Splinter Cell Conviction, Shaun Snowbaording and also Shaun Skate. Now, I'm working on a big project but I can't tell you... And yeah that could be awesome to work for Blizzard, maybe in the futur who knows !


2011-04-04 19:46:44


those are some smooth 3d animations! it is extremely amazing to see the realism of some of the walking, the jumping, and i really loved the skateboard! the weight was there, the pose and counterpose, especially in the big lumbering guy. to make something intangible and immaterial that realistic is definitely a skill to be proud of. overall very impressive work! may i ask what software you use for animating and maybe for some walkcyle pointers?

BERSERKYD responds:

Thanks man ! Yeah realist is my force in 3D animation, and yeah I work hard to get into it ! Well I use Biped in 3DSMax, this is the skeleton that you curently see in my demo. And if you want learn animation, first thing you got to get before school is this book: The Animator's Survival Kit, by Richard Williams, that will show you all the basic information you need to animate. Especially walk cycle. Enjoye, Good Luck !


2011-07-03 06:21:39

good job bro! The animations look really good, how did you did that? motion capture? or other stuff ? (scuse me for my english because I'm french ... )
I saw that you actually work on UBI SOFT, you such a lucky b... b... boy, It's a childhood dream ...

BERSERKYD responds:

T'inquiète, je suis née dans région de Québec. Bien en animation 3D, ta soit du mocap (capture de mouvement avec des acteurs) et ta du keyframe (animation fait à la main) et mon démo est 100% keyframe, disons que le mocap c'est pas fait pour les vrais de vrai ! Et pour Ubisoft, j'ai gagné ma chance, ya pas de secret, c'est à force de dessiner et de bûché fort que je suis arrivé ici. Bonne chance et merci bien pour ton bon commentaire !


2011-11-25 06:39:31

dude thats fucking awesome!


2012-12-20 11:59:02

Wow the rock dude is sooooooooooooooooo fucking fluid haha

BERSERKYD responds:

hahah thanks a lot man ! I did a new one though ! But you know Ubisoft... its fu#$#$ hard just to take anything from them even my demo real ! But yeah the next one is at least 5 time better lol !